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Mosaic Women's Ministry

Every Woman is a Mosaic Woman

Enjoying the 2nd Half

The Purpose of The Mosaic Woman's Ministry

Our purpose is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community where women from all walks of life come together to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a nurturing space where you can engage in meaningful group studies, uplifting worship services, special events, and shared experiences that inspire and empower. Together, we aim to create a mosaic of faith, sisterhood, and purpose, where every woman's journey is valued and celebrated.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative faith, community, and purpose journey? Here's why you should be a part of our vibrant community:

  • Inclusivity Beyond Measure: We are a diverse collage of women, spanning different ages, roles, and backgrounds. Whether you're young or seasoned, single or married, a mother or daughter, a professional or homemaker, a grandmother, or a cherished friend – you belong here. Our unity in Christ transcends life's seasons.
  • A Beautiful Tapestry of Life: The Mosaic Woman is a beautiful masterpiece crafted from the unique threads of victories, defeats, successes, failures, trials, and triumphs. Your story enriches our collective narrative, and your presence adds to the beauty of our mosaic.
  • Empowerment & Growth: We're dedicated to honoring every woman and equipping her to deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ. Your spiritual journey is unique, and we're here to support and empower you every step of the way. Discover your purpose and live it out with purpose.
  • Inspired Leadership: The Mosaic Women’s Ministry is led by the remarkable First Lady, Sheretta West. Under her guidance, we're a thriving community that cares, uplifts, and encourages one another.
  • Endless Opportunities: As a part of our ministry, you'll have access to relevant group studies, dynamic worship services, special events, and shared experiences. You'll forge new friendships, find inspiration, and embark on a fulfilling faith journey.

Get connected with the Mosaic Women's Ministry and join a women's movement like no other. Your story matters; together, we'll create a masterpiece of faith and sisterhood.

Welcome home!

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Seasons of Life

Regardless of your season of life, every woman is a Mosaic woman.

It is our variation of victories, defeats, successes, failures, trials, and triumphs that makes the Mosaic Woman a beautiful Masterpiece.


Our Her Journey studies are offered through our Small Groups with studies for women, written by women, and of course, facilitated by women. These special small groups are designed to fit the unique needs of a woman. And there’s always a study available to fit with wherever you are in life at that moment.

Lydia's Women Discipleship is offered twice a year in the fall and spring. This discipleship class helps you strengthen your relationship with Christ, abide in his word, pray in faith and walk in his word. Click here to view our current Lydia's Women groups.

current Opportunities
(If no studies are listed, please check back at a later date)

Mosaic Accessories

Get Connected To or Step Up To Serve with one of the Mosaic Women's Ministry Accessories

Click on an image below for more details on each accessory.

Behind The Scenes

This accessory is great for women who live busy lives and want to serve in ministry, but their schedules just don’t allow them much time.

It allows us to help place you where your spiritual gifts can thrive, even if it’s just for one of our major events once or twice a year.

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Celebrating You

We want to celebrate your accomplishments and successes! Promotion? Praise Report? New Recipe?

Any information that will enhance the life of another woman, send it and we’ll share it!

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Chapter II

An accessory that no woman desires to have to join, yet is necessary for so many women.

Chapter II is a special ministry for widows to gather and gain comforting support from one another through various discussions and activities.

It’s truly a space where you can speak with others who understand what you’re feeling, and who you can lean on and grow and heal with.

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Greet Her Meet Her

Greet Her, Meet Her is a monthly reception that Mrs. West and our Season of Life leaders have with the women who have joined the church that month.

In this accessory, you have the opportunity to also assist with the first touch of these women as a welcome committee!

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Her Health Her Wellness

Her Health, Her Wellness is our newest accessory. It’s designed to meet the specific health needs of a woman.

This accessory will include everything from healthy recipes to workouts, to health tips and so much more!

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Living Pink

Living PINK offers support for women who have survived, or are still in the fight. against Breast Cancer.

This very special accessory allows these women to come together and get encouragement and fellowship through various meetings with relevant information given by specialists and other guest speakers.

Living PINK also supports our Change for Life and The Breast Cancer Survivor Brunch both of which we do in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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Mosaic Design

These are the ladies that we can thank for making all of our Mosaic events so beautiful! They have the gift of design.

Not only do they decorate for various Mosaic events and gatherings, but they’ll teach you their craft as well!

This accessory offers seminars on floral arrangements and all things design!

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On Your Behalf

Our On Your Behalf Accessory is designed to offer prayer for women.

These women are here to intercede on your behalf! You can submit your prayer request through our eblast, on our website, or at any of our special events. And these ladies will be here for you!

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Now this accessory was created for all of the creative minds! As a ministry, we truly focus on reaching beyond our walls, and social media gives us yet another opportunity to do just that!

Whether you’re a designer or someone who can assist with the content for the designs, there’s a place for everyone within this accessory.

#PushSend #JoinToday

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Sew Joyful

Sew Joyful is the sewing guild within the Mosaic Women’s Ministry. These women have some wonderful talent!!

They gather to create hand-crafted items from quilts to reefs to ornaments to donations for our mission trips.

They truly do it all, and they enjoy fellowship along the way.

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The Bridge

Whether you’re a new member or a member who has been a part of our church family for quite some time, The Bridge Accessory is here for you!

These ladies work to get you connected to the Ministry! That can be anywhere from getting you into a small group, accessory or even engaged in your Season of Life.

This accessory can assist with finding the perfect opportunity to use your Spiritual Gifts within the Mosaic Women’s Ministry.

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The Mrs.

The MRS focuses on Marriage, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth. For wives, often times that title molds who they are, but this accessory focuses on who the woman is, and not her marriage or her role as a wife.

These ladies come together to empower the woman to fulfill their potential as a wife while maintaining her identity as a woman.

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The Professional Woman

We know that women run the world, and these professional women are doing just that in their different professions! The Professional Woman accessory allows them to come together and encourage one another through fellowship, power talks, and seminars to meet the needs of today’s professional Christian woman.

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The Village

Have you ever heard the saying, it takes a village?

Well, you’ve got one with these ladies!

They hold different symposiums throughout the year and consistently send out relevant information and opportunities that will better help them in their roles as a single mother.

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Women's Choir

These lovely ladies serve as the voice of the Mosaic Women’s Ministry.

They serve alongside both us and our Worship and Arts ministry and are often those angelic voices you hear at some of our key events like Extravagant Worship Extravagant Praise and our Amazing Women’s Weekend!

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The Power of Prayer

As you navigate the intricate tapestry of life, with its many challenges, joys, and unexpected moments, the power of prayer stands as a beacon of hope and solace. The subsequent prayers have been curated with intention and care to serve as your compass, guiding you through the ever-changing landscapes of life’s circumstances. Whether you seek salvation, protection, healing, discernment, or peace, these prayers are here to resonate with your heart's desires, anchoring you in faith and connecting you with the Lord.

Explore Prayers

You can also request prayer from our On Your Behalf Prayer Accessory by clicking here.

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